Thursday, May 26, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 26, 2022

Why Australia has had only one mass shooting since 1996
Australia’s government banned automatic and semiautomatic guns, created a national firearms registry and made a 28-day-long waiting period for gun purchases.

90% of Asian Americans worry about being attacked as anti-Asian violence and hate crimes spike
A shooting at a Dallas hair salon this month is part of a wave of attacks against Asian Americans, prompting many to change their daily routines.

After 30 years, the world can now play the lost Marble Madness II
Scrapped Atari arcade rarity traded trackballs for joysticks—was it the right call?

Evil Dead: The Game review – gratifying guts and grue
Gory asymmetrical horror is a demonically fun, well balanced power struggle with boomsticks and bonus Bruce Campbell

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong review – a thriller to get your teeth into
Solve a string of murders as an undead psychopath in this chatter-heavy role-playing game – while feeding on humans, obviously

Metal: Hellsinger hands-on: First-person demon-slaying, cranked to 11
This "sometime in 2022" game could overtake Doom 2016 as the most metal FPS ever.

OpenAI punished dev who used GPT-3 to ‘resurrect’ the dead — was this fair?
The ethics of creating 'deadbots' are still murky

Big hair and glasses make good headphones sound bad — here’s what you can do
It's not just earbuds that require a good seal

Woman confronts retail worker over stolen AirPods she tracked to store
"Ms Fox later explained the employee's partner claimed he accidentally took the AirPods and said they wanted to return them to her."

Scientists grow cells on a robot skeleton (but don’t know what to do with them yet)
A new method of tissue engineering is only a proof of concept for now

The Great Resignation and its unintended consequences for IT

Cybercriminals target metaverse investors with phishing scams

How to future-proof your job by thinking like a futurist
It’s about considering where (and how) you can add value.

Your constructive feedback helps no one if you trigger this emotional reaction
Your great feedback makes no impression without being mindful of this universal human trait.

This is how my anxiety helped me learn how to work better
Leanna Lee lived with anxiety and situational depression for over 15 years. Seems like a recipe for disaster—especially since she runs her own business—but here’s what she’s learned to be successful.

How to make performance reviews less terrible — even for remote employees
There really is a better way.

Your BIPOC employees are sick and tired of getting asked this question
This microaggression is another example of ostracizing or ‘othering’ employees of color in the workplace.

This leadership style is powerful and effective
There are four distinct characteristics that allow these leaders to make a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Tech industry groups are watering down attempts at privacy regulation, one state at a time
Coordinated industry lobbying is overwhelming the scattered efforts of consumer groups and privacy-minded lawmakers

The state of the GDPR in 2022: why so many orgs are still struggling

Sequoia coaches start-ups to cut costs or face a ‘death spiral’ amid stock market slump, bleak economic backdrop

Not trademarking can be an Excruciatingly Expensive® and Wildly Annoying® mistake

Rapid grocery delivery boom comes to a grinding halt as Getir, Gorillas slash jobs

Tim Sweeney: Epic will fight Apple and Google to keep the metaverse open
‘Fortnite’ game creator says tech giants must not be allowed to use monopoly power to dominate new platforms, as they do with smartphone apps

Bowery opens a new vertical farm in Pennsylvania

This ingenious tool helps cities avoid rabid NIMBY arguments over housing
Balancing Act helps calm the contentious process of deciding where housing should get built.

The Key to a Good Parent-Child Relationship? Low Expectations.
Imperfect people can still enjoy a satisfying and healthy bond.

As temperatures skyrocket, Barcelona has devised a simple (and replicable) way to keep people cool
Barcelona set up 163 climate shelters to help residents stay cool in the scorching summer months.

A ‘doorway’ on Mars? How we see things in space that aren’t there
Things aren't always what they seem, especially beyond our orbit

What to expect at Netflix’s Geeked Week
A week-long news event? I’ve seen stranger things

Another live-action Speed Racer is coming to Apple TV Plus with J.J. Abrams behind the wheel
Who’s ready for even more flesh and blood Speed Racer?

Apple TV+ and J.J. Abrams reportedly working on a live action 'Speed Racer' series
The project has apparently been in the works "for a considerable amount of time."

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