Monday, May 23, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 23, 2022

America’s billionaire class is funding anti-democratic forces

The pandemic created a new billionaire every 30 hours as millions brace for extreme poverty
“The super-rich have rigged the system with impunity for decades and they are now reaping the benefits,” Oxfam International warns.

Buffalo Shooting Tests Internet Antiterrorism Accord
Live-streaming of the rampage shone spotlight on the Christchurch Call, launched after 2019 mosque killings in New Zealand

Why we need a public Internet and how to get one
‘We need politics. We need public policy. We need social movements’

SiriusXM acquires Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco podcast company for $150 million

Nintendo Switch Sports shows that innovation is necessary for sequels to thrive
After being given so much, it's hard to be taken away from.

The hard truths about Web3: What no one else is talking about

In a decentralized Web3, DAOs will be the driving force of decisions

Why some recommendations fall flat: Recommendation engines & their challenges

Augmented reality, superhuman abilities and the future of medicine

Don’t expect large language models like the next GPT to be democratized
They're frightfully expensive to build and train — and give their creators a competive advantage worth protecting

For the metaverse, embodied reality is the true final frontier

Shining a light on equal pay and the wage gap

Christine Lagarde says crypto is worth nothing

How the résumé business has changed amid the Great Resignation (and what that means for you)
TopResume’s Amanda Augustine says “career-advancement opportunities” replaced “day-to-day work” for the first time as one of the top three priorities for 2022. Here’s how your résumé can reflect that.

Taking a career hiatus is now perfectly okay
LinkedIn research shows a break in your career journey is no longer something to hide or speak vaguely about.

How to give your boss feedback (and keep your job)
Sometimes it’s necessary to provide feedback, but it can be a delicate situation.

What it’s like to have employer support for abortion care
On the latest episode of The New Way We Work, we hear from Emma Hernandez about her experience accessing abortion care at two different points in her life: with and without employer support.

An effective way to recruit talent? Try to get your current workers to leave
Forget about the ‘why you joined’ story. Encourage your team to tell a ‘why I would not leave’ tale.

Everyone is drafting their own startup Black Swan memo

How to Design (and Redesign) the Practices of Company Culture

Hello? Hello? Is This Facebook? Anybody There? (Nope.)
Users with account problems go to extreme lengths to reach someone, anyone, for customer service; ‘I have never been able to speak to a human’

Apple Looks to Boost Production Outside China
iPhone maker tells suppliers it wants to manufacture more in India and Southeast Asia

Elon Musk’s Planned Twitter Takeover Creates a ‘Chaos Tax’ for Employees
Deal has left employees bewildered about what their jobs are and will be

Government faces High Court trial over £854mn supercomputer contract
Atos claims it was wrongfully excluded from bids for advanced system for predicting weather and climate change

How tech from Slack to Discord can prepare students for the future of work
Nectir CEO Kavitta Ghai maintains that we should be encouraging students to use social and collaboration tech in the classroom to be more effective when they join the workforce.

COVID-19 relaxed red tape in cities. Then the bureaucracy returned
The fight over a parking lot in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a microcosm of a bigger problem that’s playing out across the country: Cities are designed for cars, not people, and not even a global pandemic has changed that.

How NASA finally melted its giant “self-licking ice cream cone”
"Government should be about getting the taxpayer the best value."

The new season of Love, Death and Robots doesn’t miss
A violent, clever, and eclectic animated anthology

Stranger Things 4 cranks everything up way past eleven
The Upside Down is back and more brutal than ever

The stunts don’t stop in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning’s first trailer
The seventh Mission: Impossible hits theaters in 2023

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