Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 18, 2022

Cluttercore: What’s really behind Gen Z’s revolt against minimalism?
Blame the Victorians.

The Untold Story of the White House’s Weirdly Hip Record Collection
Jimmy Carter’s grandson is unlocking its mysteries

A neuroscientist on the shifts in our media use and the effect on our brains A psychiatrist and Harvard Medical faculty member on the gradual erosion of human connection to our digital lives.

How ad-supported streaming will be used to track you The boom in streaming TV ads presents new opportunities for data mining, even as other platforms crack down.

Why the Texas social media law just became a big headache for Big Tech Short of ‘going nuclear’ and shutting off service to Texans, Big Social may soon be fighting off scores of lawsuits enabled by HB 20 in Texas.

Indy Record Label EMPIRE Taps In-Game Ads To Promote Babyface Ray’s New Album

Inside the race for a car battery that charges fast — and won’t catch fire Amid rising gas prices and climate change, car giants are in a fierce contest to perfect the solid-state battery, long viewed as a ‘holy grail’ for electric vehicles

Why the heck does big tech think human-level AI will emerge from binary systems? It must suck to be a classical intelligence in a quantum universe

3 ways to manage the stress of being ‘results oriented’ Focusing on outcomes is great but being too “results-oriented” can just as easily get in the way of our work.

3 ‘creator’ soft skills that can get you hired Creators have tapped into a key skillset that is increasingly transcending social media platforms.

5 mistakes companies make when they rush to hire Companies are under pressure to address the talent crisis. But rushing to hire can be problematic.

How to write a script for a job interview that feels authentic If you’re interviewing, you need a script—but you also need to deliver it without sounding phony. Here’s how.

TechScape: How Musk and crypto bros get away with it In this week’s newsletter: Just like Donald Trump’s political rise, Tesla’s CEO and firms like Tether win by simply not playing by the same rules as everyone else

The workplace, redefined by women of color

I’m a Black entrepreneur. Here’s how I advocate for inclusion at work The founder and CEO of Culture With Us explains the simple principles she’s built into her business.

Without local expertise, Big Tech will keep failing the Global South Tech giants cast a long shadow

Future of Work: ‘The office as we know it is over,’ Airbnb CEO says Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky believes the future of work may mean the death of the office in its current form

Is there hope for digital health startups post-Roe?

5 construction tech investors analyze 2022 trends and opportunities

Apple Pauses Plans to Go From Two Days to Three Days a Week in the Office
The iPhone maker had been gradually increasing the number of days in the office as it rolled out its hybrid work plans

Netflix cancels a slew of animated projects amid attempts to save money Netflix appears to be trying to save money, but it says these decisions are creative, not financial.

Domino’s and ‘Stranger Things’ want you to order pizza with telekinetic powers It’s not supernatural, but the pizza chain is using face recognition and eye-tracking tech to make customers feel like they have mind control.

Social maps app Zenly rolls out its own maps

Glean aims to help employees surface info across sprawling enterprise systems

Prolonged grief disorder: Helpful diagnosis or harmful stigma?A newly added diagnosis in the manual of mental disorders has stirred a debate over what it means to grieve, and what tools we need to cope with loss.

‘Fossil fuels are a dead end’: UN Secretary-General outlines how to avoid climate disaster
To have a chance of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and avoiding the worst climate impacts, the world needs to transform global energy systems now.

The crypto collapse is a good thing for the climate
Is crypto's loss climates gain?

Crypto crash unlikely to reduce its climate impact, expert says
Enormous energy consumption has barely reduced despite $1tn being wiped off the sector

This company crushes old roads—and rebuilds them to store carbon
For stabilizing roads, Carbon Crusher ditches bitumen, a byproduct of crude oil, for lignin, sourced from trees.

A rocket scientist designed a solution for your moldy strawberries
A California-based startup is pioneering a new solution to sad greens: a thermodynamic sticker that captures condensation inside your produce box.

For All Mankind sets its alternate timeline sights on Mars in S3 trailer
"There is a primal urge in all of us to explore."

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