Monday, May 09, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 9, 2022

Think deepfakes don’t fool you? Sorry, you’re wrong
Deepfakes are basically undetectable to human eyes

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth is a new mobile RPG from EA
One does not simply make a Lord of the Rings game... unless it's amazing.

Electronic Arts unveils mobile game The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth

Trolley Problem, Inc review – a thrill ride into the world of ethical dilemmas
Presenting a series of impossible choices, this darkly comedic game stretches the player’s moral scaffolding to its limits

Eve Online is bringing narrative focused updates

Eve Online fans literally cheer Microsoft Excel features at annual Fanfest
New Javacript API will "simplify the access to data for all," developer says.

Most people who own fitness trackers still prefer to be couch potatoes
Despite the surge in sales of fitness trackers, physical activity declined from 1995 to 2017

A portable wind turbine that fits in your backpack? Yes please
Humans have been harnessing the wind for centuries, but Shine is a radical departure from large-scale projects like windmills or wind farms.

What voice tech can teach us about brand innovation in the Web3 era

5 ways AI can help solve the privacy dilemma

What is cybersecurity? Definition, importance, threats and best practices

What It Will Take for Augmented Reality to Become Our Reality
Peggy Johnson, CEO of AR goggle maker Magic Leap, talks about the real metaverse, how the tech is used on the job, and the innovation needed for non-nerdy glasses

7 Essential Ingredients of a Metaverse

Employees everywhere are organizing. Here’s why it’s happening now

Why our continued use of fossil fuels is creating a financial time bomb
We're investing in things that will have little value if we move off fossil fuels.

Has your motivation to work declined? Maybe your values have shifted
Here’s why you might be experiencing a shift in priorities.

Coming to grips with the seismic shift in our work and our lives
This CEO says he and other leaders initially misjudged the lasting changes wrought by the pandemic and the Great Resignation. Here’s how his thinking evolved.

Every organization needs a provocateur. Focus on these 3 drivers for positive change
There is a difference between being a provocateur and a troll and Natalie Nixon suggests not every organization is intentional about building positive provocation into how they work.

We already have too many workspaces. We need to build nonwork spaces
Padmasree Warrior says it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to opportunities to create hybrid cultural activities, but there are some guiding principles she learned as a CEO that leaders should keep in mind.

Tencent’s Steven Ma: Why big acquisitions will be good for gamers

She’s in charge of Twitter safety. Her days there may be numbered.
Vijaya Gadde has been targeted by the right as Elon Musk seeks to take over the company. But insiders say she’s not the ‘chief censor’ critics imagine.

Apple’s China Engineers Keep Products Flowing as Covid Shuts Out U.S. Staff
Tech giant passes more authority to local workers, uses live streaming and augmented reality to ensure products made in China come out on time

TikTok’s Work Culture: Anxiety, Secrecy and Relentless Pressure
Former U.S. staffers tell of sleep deprivation, work on weekends and mandatory meetings with colleagues on the other side of the globe

5 simple tools to help you focus on what matters to you
Plus: Six books to help you learn to focus.

It’s not about you. How to reframe rejection as an opportunity—not an obstacle
Rejection isn’t inherently negative, writes Alice Lemée. It’s our interpretation of it that determines whether it becomes an opportunity or an obstacle.

The secret science behind the power of small talk
Ever feel like you know someone after exchanging just a few words? There’s a lot behind that phenomenon, from speech rhythms to body language and even breathing.

Premature births have tripled in Ukraine. This nonprofit is donating portable incubators
‘These nurses are risking their lives staying with the babies so they can be in these incubators, meanwhile buildings are getting bombed all around them,’ says Jane Chen, CEO and cofounder of Embrace Global.

After losing contact with its helicopter, NASA put the entire Mars mission on hold
Mars is only going to get colder and darker for the next 10 weeks as winter deepens.

What a 1970s philosophical concept can teach us about space governance
When it comes to space exploration, we are still living behind a veil of ignorance.

This children’s book about design should be required reading for CEOs
Jason Mayden’s new book breaks down design so simply that a child can get it, so your C-suite stands a chance, too.

Theater CEO wants Apple to remember when people lined up for iPhones, give him movies to show
Theater CEO wants Apple TV+ to give him content to put on the big screen.

Ncuti Gatwa will star as Doctor Who’s Fourteenth Doctor
He’s the first Black man to play the role of the Doctor

Review: Moon Knight takes its troubled protagonist on classic voyage of the hero
Spinoff series has more in common with Netflix Defenders shows than the broader MCU.

The first trailer for Love, Death and Robots volume 3 is full of killer animals
The sci-fi anthology returns to Netflix on May 20th

Everybody’s got a gun in Avatar: The Way of Water’s first trailer
Avatar 2’s about family, but it’s also about war

‘A revolution that never happened’: The Gunpowder Plot at the Tower of London
Virtual reality and live performance combine in a show that asks audiences to consider if political violence is ever justifiable

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