Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 31, 2022

‘Tamagotchi children’ are the future of parenting we deserve
Get in loser, we're disrupting childhood

Lidar exposes the remnants of an overgrown ancient civilization in the Amazon

France’s linguistic watchdog issues edict: it’s not esports, it’s ‘jeu video de competition’
The Académie Française has offered official translations of English loanwords

Deliberate ploy: whistleblowers reveal why Facebook’s Australia news ban included non-news sites
Employees within Meta say the move amid the standoff with the Morrison government was no accident

Guardian launches Tor onion service
Readers of the Guardian can now access our journalism entirely within the Tor network – an internet communication system designed to promote online privacy and offer enhanced protection from digital surveillance

From ‘Star Wars’ to streaming wars: How AIops is fueling the intergalactic streaming battle

BeReal is the latest buzzy social media app trying to go mainstream. Here’s how it works

Best mystery games on Apple Arcade 2022
Add a little more mystery to your life with these Apple Arcade games.

A cybersecurity expert explains why it would be so hard to obscure phone data in a post-Roe world
Not even a burner phone would be good enough to guarantee privacy.

Seen and Unseen review: George Floyd, Black Twitter and the fight for racial justice
Marc Lamont Hill and Todd Brewster’s brilliant book considers the history of communications technology in a racist society

South Africa wants to give every resident free broadband. Can it pull that off?
Broadband has long symbolized South Africa’s alarming wealth gap, as 7.5 million low-income South Africans are paying 80 times more than others for internet.

The rise of AI is pushing patent laws to their limits
Can software be an ‘inventor’? As courts wrestle with AI patent applications, the law must change to keep up

Turning AI failure into AI success stories

Remembering Apple’s Newton, 30 years on
On its 30th anniversary, we look at the groundbreaking product's enduring legacy.

China Smartphone Demand Weakens Amid Covid Resurgence
From Apple to chip makers, companies warn of fewer shipments and weaker consumer spending in the world’s biggest smartphone market

Everyone has moved their data to the cloud — now what?

3 most common — and dangerous — holes in companies’ cyber defenses

The metaverse: A huge network and connectivity challenge

Why 5G and the edge could be the keys to the metaverse

Start-up investors are warning of dark days ahead as boom times are ‘unambiguously over’

The Tech Crash Could Be a Talent Bonanza for Big Tech
After years of fighting to keep engineers and other sought-after employees from leaving for rivals or buzzy startups, the healthiest of the big tech companies are increasingly attractive for tech workers suddenly more keen on stability

Why more businesses are considering ending the 40-hour work week
With the shift in working arrangements during the pandemic, businesses are taking a closer look at their schedules.

How to make better and faster decisions when you are struggling to keep up
The ultimate goal is not perfection or being right all the time, but finding better ways of being wrong.

7 Leadership lessons from Pop Culture’s Worst Bosses
These bad bosses may be fictional, but they deliver real-world lessons in leadership and management.

Digital health has failed, but that doesn’t mean the future is hopeless
Digital health must ground its functions not just in AI and basic diagnostics, but in expert-informed clinical guidance.

5 omnichannel trends to integrate into your marketing strategy in 2022
We've done the research, so you don't have to

Data is the strongest currency in marketing and there may be too much of it

NFTs and the creator economy are on a collision course

Can Paramount Go It Alone?
The dominance of Netflix and Disney in streaming has forced many companies to join forces. So far, Paramount has gone its own way.

Ted Sarandos Talks About That Stock Drop, Backing Dave Chappelle, and Hollywood Schadenfreude
The Netflix executive says he — and the company he helped build — will survive a bout of bad earnings numbers.

Why this startup is encouraging employees to microdose psychedelics at work
Employees at MUD\WTR are swapping out their morning coffee for mushrooms—including psychedelic ones.

Why Jones Road is paying customers to post TikToks about its products
Some customers of Bobbi Brown’s makeup brand are receiving $1 for every 100 views of their TikTok videos about the products.

‘Don’ of a new era: the rise of Peter Thiel as a US rightwing power player
The Paypal Mafia’s lynchpin is putting his vast tech fortune to work for candidates aligned to Trump’s agenda in the midterms

Why Gen Z cares less about getting a 4-year college degree
Younger workers are pursuing different education paths, along with embracing the Great Resignation.

Developers: Stop feeling the pressure to learn every new technology — do this instead
Top tech companies thrive on the insecurity economy

Why do we have to wait so long for a COVID-fighting nasal spray?
A nasal-spray COVID-19 vaccine could prevent more infections of fast-spreading variants. Here’s why the science is taking so long.

Product returns are wasteful for companies and the planet. Here’s how to change that
Product returns are financially and environmentally costly—but they don’t have to be. Here are 3 ways companies can rethink returns to boost revenues and reduce waste.

Climate change is blowing down houses. This could save them
Extreme windstorms are an increasingly destructive threat, but resilient design can help.

Sort Apple Music albums with ease on Mac and mobile
Do you need help sorting music in the Music app for Mac or mobile? You've come to the right place!

Netflix adds content warning to Stranger Things season 4 premiere after Texas school shooting
‘Chapter One: The Hellfire Club’ now comes with a warning

Stranger Things 4's new monster is made with practical effects, some CG, and lots of lube
Vecna is here to terrorize Hawkins

PlayStation keeps pushing into TV and film with a Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series
It’s going all in

Disney’s Pinocchio is full of hope in its first teaser trailer
Tom Hanks stars as Geppetto

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