Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 10, 2022

My long walk across India for women's freedom

Just say no (to content): Nietzsche’s surprising “information diet”
An excerpt from the new book by our own deputy editor, Nate Anderson.

Why you need to take right-wing comedy seriously
From Joe Rogan to the Babylon Bee to Steven Crowder, the new book ‘That’s Not Funny’ deconstructs their appeal, and why it matters.

Cable’s Last Laugh

Watch 13 minutes of Gotham Knights gameplay in new trailer
The open-world game is now also a next-gen exclusive

Dislyte, the 'urban mythological RPG,' is now live for iPhone and iPad
Dislyte is what you get when you mix the world's mythological gods with a funky beat.

Thanks, electric eels, without you our batteries would suck
Electric eels inspire the first battery and the future of battery tech

The market for synthetic data is bigger than you think

Virtual environment optimization (VEO): The next evolution of SEO?
Are the worlds of virtual reality, augmented reality, the metaverse, commerce and SEO converging? Learn what the latest trends reveal.

Why do so many people watch porn at work? Simple: Because it’s hot
Research shows most people simply want pleasure — but some folks use porn as a coping mechanism

How to make a great first impression when you onboard for that new job
Executive coach Charlotte Lee reminds us that relationships are just as important as your work product, so build the right alliances right away.

We need to stop managing and start leading. Here are 4 ways to be a leader
Tiffany Danko and Susan Vroman make the case for not wanting or needing more managers. Rather we crave leaders to show us where to go, then get out of the way.  

Pentagon’s China Warning Prompts Calls to Vet U.S. Funding of Startups
Defense Department report cites examples of U.S. government financing of small businesses it says benefited Chinese interests

Exhausted workers, polluting journeys: how unethical is next-day delivery?
Quick delivery became a pandemic lifeline for many – but is the endless cycle of cardboard putting an undue strain on the planet, our infrastructure and workers?

Ben & Jerry’s is cutting the carbon footprint of your ice cream
More than half of the company’s carbon footprint comes from producing dairy ingredients. It’s hoping to change that.

Nintendo Switch sales decrease again, digital sales on the rise
Playing cards seem to be all the rage for some reason.

3 ways the metaverse is already reshaping healthcare
Cloud gaming technology can enable physicians from disparate locations to practice procedures together, collaboratively, on a virtual patient over Zoom.

I haven’t bought a single piece of furniture this year. Here’s how
My building’s bulletin board has become a go-to place for sustainably sourced secondhand furniture: zero shipping costs, no carbon emissions involved.

How to turn off those hellish Popular Highlights on your Kindle
Consider this an early birthday gift

Fortnite’s short film festival is coming back this week
Short Nite returns for a fourth time

Nick Kroll knows about your workplace
The big ‘Big Mouth’ creator talks about exploring office culture with ‘Human Resources’ and diving into Slack with ‘Several People Are Typing.’

Composer Daniel Pemberton had to create 10 different themes for Apple TV+ show 'The Afterparty'
Pemberton had to create music that matched the genre of the episode at hand.

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