Thursday, May 19, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 19, 2022

Hey Elon! The problem with free speech isn’t censorship, it’s algorithms
We need to take a closer look at how free speech is practiced online

Defiant Chinese netizens skirt lockdown censorship using blockchain
Growing popularity of decentralised ledger technology presents fresh challenge for country’s censors

Best podcasts of the week: Penn Badgley goes back to school for tales of teenage cringe
In this week’s newsletter: The Gossip Girl and You heartthrob explores adolescent angst through listener-submitted stories in Podcrushed. Plus: five essential celebrity podcast interviews

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees review – short, simple and lovely to play
A noble environmental message provides the basis for this delightfully uncomplicated adventure, but elements of performance are amiss

Brave Browser's new Privacy Hub shows which websites are trying to track you and how
Privacy is a big deal and Brave Browser is giving people more information about who is tracking them.

How weaponized ransomware is quickly becoming more lethal

Report: 80% of cyberattack techniques evade detection by SIEMs

What a brain-controlled computer might feel like
A series of videos demonstrates an imperfect but optimistic future where we control everything with our brains.

Ex-Amazon engineers roll out their smart shopping carts in Albertsons stores

When big AI labs refuse to open source their models, the community steps in

We (skim)read Meta’s metaverse manifesto so you don’t have to…

Inside the smell-o-verse: Meet the companies trying to bring scent to the metaverse
A small army of startups see integrated scent as being key to our future digital world. But some see the tech as a distraction from the bigger picture.

Is private equity joining—or co-opting—the employee ownership movement?
A new nonprofit aims to build worker wealth through shared ownership, but can the private equity-backed initiative actually reduce inequality and empower workers? Employee ownership experts are skeptical.

3 steps to identify the most impactful companies to invest in
If you want to support impactful businesses—ones that operate with sound social and environmental policies—you just have to know where to look.

How to identify the best (and worst) entry-level jobs
Consider these factors, when researching your first job after graduation.

The upside of a disrupted work environment? We’ve become better writers
A remote work environment has shown us this meeting really could have been an email.

Personality tests won’t help HR find top tech talent
Sorry, we only hire ENTJs in accounting

What comes after the easy money era ends for cash-burning tech companies in Silicon Valley

How tech workers had an outsize role in shaping efforts to nix NDAs
Thanks in part to efforts in Washington and California, other states are working on legislation to ban workplace nondisclosure agreement.

Apple exec Jane Horvath reflects on privacy in new interview
"I like to say that I'm the Forrest Gump of privacy."

Saudi Arabia crown prince buys 5% stake in Nintendo
The investment is estimated to be worth almost $3 billion.

Biden green-lights a home-building boom. But there’s a catch
The Biden administration has a plan to fast-track housing construction. But much of it depends on Congress.

What are the speed limits for ebikes?
How fast should an ebike go?

This electric tricycle can transform into a camper AND a boat
Adventurers, rejoice!

Why tech giants’ cash is a hidden source of greenhouse gas emissions
Big Tech can do much more to stop banks from using their cash to finance fossil fuels, report says

Night Sky is a warm, comforting sci-fi with too much filler
The Amazon Prime Video series is carried by performances from Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons

Watch the stunning second trailer for Apple TV+ series 'Prehistoric Planet' with David Attenborough
The second trailer is somehow even better than the first.

Watch a new teaser for 'Harriet the Spy' before the Apple TV+ show's May 20 return
One of the world's most famous spies is coming back to Apple TV+ with new episodes.

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