Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 25, 2022

How to help Uvalde school shooting victims: 4 things you can do right now
Nineteen children were gunned down at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. It is America’s 27th school shooting of the year.

Big-budget The Lord of the Rings: Gollum video game gets a 2022 release date
It's the first triple-A video game set in Middle-earth since 2017.

Edgeworks Entertainment unveils space terraforming sim TerraGenesis: Landfall

NY State is giving out hundreds of robots as companions for the elderly
A new way to address the West’s ‘loneliness epidemic’

Sick of picking up toys? Dyson’s future home robots want to do it for you
Company expects its robots to be doing your household chores in a decade.

Gen Z social app Yubo rolls out age ‘estimating’ technology to better identify minors using its service

If Europe and Japan can have small, cheap EVs, why can’t America?
Europe's VW ID.1 will cost $18,000; Japan's Nissan Sakura is just $14,000.

Report: Average time to detect and contain a breach is 287 days

Gen Z doesn’t want to go back to the office without these 3 things
Workers generally want more flexibility, but these things are also important to the youngest cohort of employees.

Recruiters are passing over college degrees for this essential soft skill
A curious mindset may carry more weight in the current hiring market.

AI reskilling: A solution to the worker crisis

Why we need ’emotional diversity’ at work right now
A truly human workplace is not one that wants to make us happy all the time, contends Tim Leberecht, the cofounder and CEO of the House of Beautiful Business. 

How to give genuine recognition to your employees
Recognizing and rewarding employees properly is essential if you want to retain top talent.

Future of Work: Taskrabbit CEO permanently ditches the office
Taskrabbit CEO Ania Smith says the future of work needs to be more beneficial for both corporate and gig workers

Snap Plunges, And There Goes Social Media’s Online Ad Biz
Profit warning from social platform Snap hits Meta, Pinterest, Twitter, Alphabet and even Amazon

This is how Florida educators are fighting back against ‘Don’t Say Gay’
LGBTQ+ education organizations in Florida are helping teachers navigate the confusing bill and maintain safe spaces for students, all while keeping an eye on the battle in other states.

Sliding to mild? Nope—omicron BA.2 caused worse COVID symptoms than BA.1
Study of 1.5M finds COVID symptoms shifted with variants. BA.2 caused the most.

3 ways to make flying more climate-friendly

This Michigan greenhouse takes a whole new approach to ‘farm-to-table’
A multipurpose greenhouse is an incubator, a commercial kitchen, and an event space.

Earth’s orbital debris problem is worsening, and policy solutions are difficult
"Who's responsible? Who pays? How much do they pay?"

Spy agency awards ‘historic’ contracts to commercial satellite firms
The awards to Maxar, BlackSky and Planet by the National Reconnaissance Office show the government’s reliance on commercial imagery

Apple is looking for more female-driven soaps, dramas for TV+, according to leaked document
"...the streamer is in search of female-driven soaps like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon's "The Morning Show," broad but prestige-y dramas à la Chris Evans vehicle "Defending Jacob," and fizzier fare like WeWork dramatization 'WeCrashed'"

What to expect from Star Wars Celebration 2022
There will be stars and probably some wars

Get a recap of season one from the cast of 'For All Mankind'
I wonder if a season two recap is coming next!

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