Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XXII
Met Kurt and Geraldine at River Gods last night to catch up with them -- and to check out the Eavesdrop weekly listening party, which featured Chris Brokaw's new record, "Red Cities." It was more crowded than the last time I went, but I saw some familiar faces, and it's good to know that the series is attracting repeat participants. What wasn't so good was that it seemed like less of a listening party this go. The crowdedness brought an increase in conversational volume that obscured most of the music that was played, but I could still catch snippets of Matt Kadane's (of New Year and Consonant) set, which included an interesting mix of music. And Leslie, Chris' sister and Webmaster, introduced me to him just as a piece from his new Atavistic release was played. Good stuff. After Chris' record was spun, Winston Bramen (also of Consonant, as well as the Count-Me-Outs) took over the turntables, Kurt and Geraldine headed home, and I hung out with Jef, Jen, and Steph in the front corner of the bar. A good way to spend Tuesday nights, and scant steps away from where I live. Thank you, River Gods!

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