Monday, June 10, 2002

Party to Record Releases
I've signed up for several record label mailing lists that regularly update subscribers about forthcoming record releases. And I recently received a couple of emails from labels worth mentioning -- and exploring:

  • Perishable Records is a consistently interesting label out of Chicago. Their roster runs on the pop side of Chicago's post-rock scene. That's not totally accurate, but Perishable is a little more rock oriented than experimental or jazz-influenced. Bands include Califone, Friend/Enemy, Orso, and Red Red Meat. Their occasional email update feature release news, tour schedules, and some news.
  • Sachimay Records, which is based in New York -- but may at one point have been located in the Boston area -- specializes in improvised, creative, and new music, mostly falling under the umbrella of improv or jazz. Local (or once-local, perhaps) musicians involved in the label include Bhob Rainey, Dan DeChellis, and Taylor Ho Bynum. The email update I received yesterday is strictly new-release info.
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