Friday, June 28, 2002

Mention Me! XIV
My boss just told me to go home, but here's one last tidbit. I've been drawn into a discussion over at the Atlantic Unbound -- Post & Riposte -- which amuses me because the Atlantic is located two floors above me and I've never once stopped by their discussion area. Even though I used to hang out with Wen, Unbound's former editor.

In any event, there's a bunch of David Eggers fans, young writers, and journal publishers -- including one of the folks involved in Pindeldyboz -- and they were recently discussing one of my recent Media Diet posts about Dan Zevin. Long story short, they're good people. Fine, upstanding people. And discussion wavers between the chatty and the in depth.

Some hip lit-related sites recommended by these people include Tatlin's Tower, Opium Magazine, Surgery of Modern Warfare, and Eyeshot. I have yet to dig deeply into those resources, but I have vetted, aided, and abetted Zulkey, which I recently added to my Media Morsels.

OK. Time to go home. On the agenda: show, party, weekend. See you Monday.

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