Friday, June 28, 2002

Humor Me V
The following magazinedex was previously posted Dec. 18, 2001, in the Media Diet discussion forum, which will be deactivated shortly.

Blast #2, May 1971, G&D Publications, NYC, NY (bimonthly, 40 cents)

Editorial Tyrant: Al Forman
Publishing Bigshot: Howard Reed

Cover: Mike Kaluta image of the Statue of Liberty holding a burning bra and a tablet marked "Liberty or Death." Cover lines: Youthful Satire! Adult Humor! Pubescent Sex!; Fem Lib: Freedom Fighters or Crazies; Other Gross Things in This Issue: TV Shows, School Daze, Boobarella, Swinging Encounter Group, Mod Comix, Up the Military, Sportscast Records, Fetish Magazine, Personality Analysis, and Much More...

p.5 Fem-Lib w/Bob Smolin, d/Mike Kaluta... pointless assortment of women's liberation movement jokes

p. 11 Blotz w/d Nick Cuti... Rorschach test-inspired gag strips addressing sexism, politics, Greenwich Village, psychiatry, and psychedelia

p. 12 Preview of New TV Shows w/ Mel Campbell, d/ Bob Jenney... fantasy TV line-up sporting "The Yuck Lawyers," "The Partridge Fumbly," "The Most Deadly Show," and "Head Acher." Targets include Shirley Jones, Don Knotts, and Rod Serling

p. 16 School Daze with C-Minus Seymour w/d Marvin Myers... series of six comic strips pouncing on computer dating, the French horn, scientists, and long hair

p. 18 Boobarella w/ Mel Campbell, d/ Jim Mooney... parody of Barbarells featuring spoofs of nudity, Flash Gordon, and Mao Tse Tung

p. 23 Analyzing Your Personality w/ Bob Smolin, d/ Bob Jenney... personality analysis test knocking on Sophia Loren, the Black Panthers, the library, and Cuba

p. 26 Swinging Encounter Group Unltd. d/ Mike Kaluta... center spread taking on orgies, fetishes, women's lib, vocabulary, and halitosis

p. 28 Mod Comix w/d Chuck McNaughton... comic-strip parodies aping Little Orphan Annie, Lil' Abner, Blonde, Peanuts, and Archie commenting on women's lib, drugs, homosexuality, Charles Manson, and dodging the draft

p. 34 Up the Military-Industrial Complex w/d Rodrigues (uncredited in masthead)... five gag strips making fun of rank, uniform, and pacifism

p. 36 Moon Child w/d Nicola Cuti... a "pixie created in the void of outer space" encounters a Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions-inspired computer that refuses to fix her watch. Best of Issue

p. 39 World Newsfronts d/ UPI Photos... wire-photo fumetti jabbing Charlie McCarthy and John Wayne. Not as funny as Cracked's photo funnies

p. 40 The Sportscaster w/ M.A. Conley, d/ Alan Weiss... athletic events TV broadcast parody tackling cheerleaders, half-time shows, and statistics

p. 43 What's Real w/d John Stearns... four gag strips featuring... oh, nothing

p. 44 Off the Record w/ Suzanne Douglass, d/ Stan Goldberg... Archie-styled two-pager taking on Top 40 radio programming

p. 47 Fetish Magazine w/ Marv Wolfman, d/ Bob Jenney... "the magazine for the sophisticated pervert" undresses correspondence course ads, fetish gear ads, letter columns, and the Olympics

p. 52 The Sentry w/d Stu Schwartzberg... ugly Americans get theirs

Ads: house ad p. 4, Ace Books p. 46
Extras: Stang credits p. 28 and 44... Stan Goldberg?

Marginalia: Go to work if you're too nervous to steal; Draft Gloria Steinem; The Lord is an Indian giver; Books are better than ever; Viet Nam is the national Edsel; Clark Kent is a transvestite; Support free enterprise -- support prostitution; If the rich could hire people to die for them, the poor could make a wonderful living; Instant cures for varicose veins -- long dresses; Be an Arab hero -- kidnap a child

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