Friday, June 07, 2002

Flogging Bloggers II
This entry, I'm using the term "flogging" to mean "publicize aggressively." Just so you don't think I'm dissing Carmen Noble's new blog, Overmatter. I met Carmen several years ago when I was coordinating the old Media Diet mailing list for Boston-area media professionals. We recently met again at a MediaBistro fete. Inspired by Media Diet -- the blog, not the list -- Carmen's rolled her own!

Launched a scant four days ago, Overmatter's 11 posts so far represent a melange of content and commentary. She considers whether she'd pose for the photographer Spencer Tunick -- "As much as I love New York, I don't want its streets all over my body. Maybe I'd pose naked in Sheboygan." -- reports on a company meeting in haiku form, provides a salad recipe, and comments on Amish euphemisms for masturbation. What delights me about Overmatter is Carmen's blend of her snarky sense of humor, slice-of-life reporting, and inclusion of experiences from her job as a technology and business reporter.


File this under shameless self-promotion, but Boston blogger Isaac Taylor informs me that he is in the running for Funniest Blogger over at Dawn Olsen's Up Yours.

More surprising still, fellow Boston blogger Rebecca St. Amand of Sweat Flavored Gummi fame and I are running neck and neck in a crowded field. Can we cut a deal here? My people will support your campaign finance initiative and keep quiet on capital gains if you can rally the troops on Internet humor.

My people have called Isaac's people, and you can weigh in on the neck and neck. Check out the poll results to date, and if you'd like to throw in, you can vote at Up Yours. The poll's kinda hard to find. It's on the right-hand side. It's light blue. And it's a bit of a scroll down. No direct poll link, it seems.

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