Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Nervy, Pervy VII
The fine folks over at Suicide Girls rate a mention in a Wired News article about the new wave of "stylish subculture sites ... putting a new face on porn." Including SG in a roundup of sites that also comprises Supercult, FrictionUSA, and Raveporn, Jess Barron gives most of the piece's electrons to SG, focusing on the site's online community aspects, the empowering nature of its photography, and why so many straight women subscribe -- more than 50% of SG's members are female.

Barron also mentions an SG-related LiveJournal called goth.punk.raver.nude. It's good to see SG gleaning more ink and electrons -- and it's good to see people taking the message to the masses. Right on, Missy, O, and Spooky!

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