Friday, June 28, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XXVII
The following report was previously posted Jan. 7, 2002, in the Media Diet discussion forum, which will be deactivated shortly.

So. I walked past the Clairvoyants/Denali show Friday night, and the Middle East Upstairs line area was packed, so I didn't venture in. And, like a dope, I walked home past TT's without going in -- not knowing until later that Just Like Them features former members of the Cretins, a wonderful Boston-area pop punk band.

But I did catch some other good music this weekend. 30 minutes too late to catch Moment -- a fine new band with a CD on Espo -- I caught a set by heavy-metal wunderkinds There at the Middle East Up. This is unabashed, shameless fun metal the way it was meant to be played. \m/ 's all around, a hulking, bearded lead singer, and loads of wanky solos. But not at all ironic. Appreciative. There are the heralds of the New Wave of Boston Heavy Metal!

And last night, at the Washington Street Art Center in Somerville, I caught three musical groups: Sinkcharmer (featuring Paul and Jen from the Operators with Jef from the Anchormen and the Tardy), Red Telephone (which played rather straight-forward college indie rock), and Ad Frank -- who wowed with his Bee Gees-styled vocals, swagger-meets-simper stage presence, and solid song writing. I'm not sure, but he might be the guy I used to see dancing up by the DJ's during Mod Night in Allston. If it is, he's come a looong way.

The latter two acts -- Red Telephone and Ad Frank -- have a residency at Charlie's Kitchen every Monday night this week. In fact, they're playing there tonight. I'm tempted to go. (1) Because Red Telephone said they're usually more "bad ass," and I wasn't that impressed by their scaled down set at the Center, and (2) because Jef says Ad's usually all hyperactive, herky jerky, and new wave when he plays. He wasn't that hyper last night.

Anyhoo: Sinkcharmer play list!

  • Rubber Legs
  • Down $2
  • Poison Arrow
  • As Nevada
  • Dusk
  • Half Life
  • Hole So Deep
  • Last Dance
  • Henry Hudson (slow)
  • Wisdom Tooth

    Rumor is that Henry Hudson was Paul's attempt to write an Anchormen song. I especially liked Half Life -- or Hole So Deep -- I forget which one was the hyperactive number with the yell-along chorus.
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