Thursday, June 27, 2002

Today Is Media Diet's Birthday
Exactly one year ago today, Media Diet began. It's been an awesome blogging year, and I look forward to the next 365 days. I have no idea how many entries I've published since Media Diet's launch, but since February, when I added the counter, we've had almost 10,000 unique visitors. Wow. Folks from as far away as Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, and Singapore come by regularly. Thank you all for your support and attention!

So, to celebrate Media Diet's birthday, do something nice for yourselves today. Buy some flowers. Go for a walk. Eat some cashews. Write your parents a letter. Smell the sea air. Stand on a fire escape. Tell someone you love them. Take your bike in for repair. Donate some unused clothing to Goodwill. Chase a squirrel. Sit on a bench and read. Watch the clouds.

Also, if you blog, take a moment to email all of the people whose blogs you visit regularly -- or link to on your site -- and thank them for what they do. Tell 'em that you stop by every day, that you appreciate their work, and what you enjoy about their blog. Don't tell 'em you link to 'em. Don't ask 'em for a link back. Just express your appreciation and spread some blog love. Chances are they'll appreciate it.

Obligatory thank you list: Evan Williams for getting my blog thoughts rolling, Jon Ferguson and Cardhouse for being my host with the most, the Media Dieticians who've signed up for the mailing list, Fast Company and Suicide Girls for spiking my daily traffic like nothing else when they linked to me, Charlie Park for being my first blogfriend to give me a ride somewhere, Halley Suitt for actually coming by my office and leaving a note in my mailbox (I still owe you lunch), everyone who's sent something in for review, everyone who's taken my constructive criticism well, and, well, you.

You are what you read. And what you see. And what you hear. I am Heath. Who are you?


In other news, James Stegall is 27 today. 27 on the 27th. Happy birthday, James!

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