Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Party to Record Releases IV
Psych! We're talking about books now. Pandemonium Books & Games, a cozy little science-fiction book store on Harvard Square, offers a New Releases email newsletter, too. It's a small shop that's run by Tyler, brother of my friend Tory, and the newsletter is long on content. Twice a month, Tyler emails folks information about new anthologies, gaming fiction, miniatures, games, hard covers, magazines, media tie-ins, and paperbacks. The emails are basically just lists of new products, but there's a lot of stuff here. Often, the newsletter will trigger a visit to the store -- especially because the New Releases section of the Web site is so out of date. This'll only be useful for folks in the Boston area because Pandemonium doesn't offer online ordering, but everyone might find this funny: Stuff We Don't Carry. Might. I said might.

P.S. On the site, it's not totally clear how to sign up for the newsletter. Email Tyler if you'd like in on the list.

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