Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Doctor, Steal Thyself II
Huh. So I just called my new doctor -- the primary care physician I switched to June 14 -- to schedule a physical. And even though Cigna could assign him as my PCP, he's not actually taking any new patients. Any new non-HIV patients, that is.

I don't understand several things. How can I belong to an HMO and have such troubles actually finding a doctor? How can Cigna assign a PCP if the doctor's not actually taking new patients? How can a doctor limit their practice to patients with HIV? It'd be good to have a doctor. It'd be good to get a physical -- I haven't been to the doctor in years.

I'm also not impressed by Cigna's customer service. I emailed the customer service rep back asking why they'd been able to assign me to a doctor not taking new patients -- and minutes later to inform them that their Provider Directory online wasn't working -- and I got snubbed:

"Thank you for your follow-up to your inquiry. This case has been completed by our Internet Customer Service Team. Should you require additional attention regarding this matter, please contact Member Services at the toll-free number on the participant's CIGNA HealthCare ID card."

What's the point in offering online customer service if they don't actually do anything -- much less answer questions -- outside of referring you to a phone number?

And... can anyone in the Boston area recommend a doctor? Especially if you're in Cigna. Email me.

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