Friday, June 14, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XXIII
The Anchormen convened again last night in JP to continue work on our upcoming record, now tentatively entitled "Just Because You Sleep on My Floor Doesn't Mean That You're My Girlfriend." I did a couple of different vocal tracks for "Peel Away," which we're submitting for the CMJ 2002 Showcase, and Jef and Chris did some fun backing vocals.

Then Jef, Chris, and I headed over to TT the Bear's Place to see Rapture, an amazing band from Brooklyn. Here's how Jef described them: "Definitely on the Gang of Four tip. 'Disco' drums, abrasive little guitar lines, and good shouted vocal harmonies. NYC, political." All of that is true. Their energy was high, the multiple shouted vocal parts were inspiring -- kind of like what we're doing in "Peel Away" -- and the only thing that irritated me was the occasional almost-falsetto higher pitched singing. Didn't really dig that. But otherwise, good, good stuff! And the first show in a long time that I've gone to late solely to see a single band.

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