Wednesday, June 12, 2002

This afternoon, Fast Company and Inc. had an all-hands off-site meeting on the Odyssey, a yacht that disembarks from Rowes Wharf in Boston. It was a grey, rainy day, but being on the water was pretty fun. So I took some snaps.

This boat may have been more nimble, but our boat was bigger.

Intermodal cranes like these inspired George Lucas' AT-AT walkers.

Bored? Overboard.

The off-site was equal parts team-building -- in the sense that the FC and Inc. staffs hung out together -- and corporate update. A couple of executives from Gruner+Jahr in New York City updated us on the state of the economy, how publishing is faring, and how the two books are doing. Short form: We're doing better than many, and we could be doing much, much worse.

Despite the rainy weather, a good opportunity to cruise the Boston Harbor, from Rowes Wharf to the USS Constitution, out to Deer Island, into the Outer Harbor, and back again. Not a bad two-hour tour.

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