Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Party to Record Releases III
Newbury Comics recently changed the terms of its E-Mail Club, which used to include a 5% discount in their stores, but they plan to continue their new release emails. In fact, with yesterday's mailing, they've changed the format slightly, and they're looking for feedback. For the most part, the new release emails aren't that useful, and I'm not sure why I haven't unsubscribed now that the discount is gone. Other than special offer and in-store appearance announcements, the emails are basically straight lists of record titles and prices -- no reviews, and not much information. I learned about the new Dillinger Four record two days after picking it up in the shop. So the trigger effect in terms of bringing people into the stores is diminished. It'd be much better to learn what was going to come out rather than what had just come out. Their Upcoming Releases page is still dated March, and ICE Magazine's new release information is consistently much more useful.

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