Wednesday, June 26, 2002

North End Moment XXI
The front doors and lobby to our building are taped off because of construction. I came in the back door this morning, so I didn't see what was actually being constructed, so I had to ask our building manager.

Me: What's the construction? I came in the back door and didn't see it.
Building Manager: They're, uh, they're repairing the sidewalk out front.
Me: Putting in a new sidewalk?
Building Manager: Yeah.
Me: Oh, I thought they might be putting in another freight elevator. (Gesturing to the beautiful, now-empty, wrought-iron elevator shaft that serves as a skylight.)
Building Manager: (Looking up.) Oh, that'd be a big job.

Penciled on the official notice posted in the elevator: "Hello now go away."


While waiting for my turkey and boursin cheese sandwich to be prepared this noon at Prince Pantry, I complimented the owner on yesterday's prosciutto sandwich.

Owner: Oh, that's Mr. Thai's doing. He's a really good cook.
Me: He is. I just started coming here, and everything's really good.
Mr. Thai: You know Yan Can Cook on the TV? He's my brother!
Owner: You know Iron Chef? Mr. Thai's the Titanium Chef!
Me: At least he's not the Aluminum Chef.
Owner: Oh, then we'd all be in trouble.

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