Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XXIV
Oh. My. Goodness. I wasn't going to go to the show last night. Really, I wasn't. But after watching the first season of Mr. Show on the new DVD -- and just as the rain began to fall -- I decided it was a good idea to call a cab to JP to catch the Operators at the Milky Way. They were playing as part of CuriousBrain Imaginary Playground 2, a show blending live music and video screenings from the CuriousBrain Showcase 06. For the most part, the show was a screening of videos -- including a fun Freezepop video, a Fight Club-like hip-hop vid, and a Lovewhip music video -- but the musical acts were quite interesting.

First, I caught a violin/guitar/bass trio improvising -- it seemed -- to a video collage of street scenes and ominous facial features. Then, the Operators. Their set got off to a rocky start because Steph took a last-minute bathroom break, but Paul filled in on drums for a spell, even continuing to hit the tom as he passed the sticks to Steph upon her arrival. They played a slightly rusty set of favorites, including "Angie," whose video was screened as part of the show (director Bill Lovejoy was in the audience). And they hit their stride about halfway through the set -- which was good to see; the Ops are a great band when they're not hesitant or overly self-conscious. After their set -- and walking down the block to the convenience store and back trying to call a cab -- I returned to the club to beg a ride -- and to catch part of a lackluster performance by an Ani Difranco wannabe. (Not to be overly harsh, but that's how it hit me.)

Jen and Em were dears and gave me a lift home, where I unwisely called an ex before drifting off to sleep to the strains of the new Dillinger Four record. Harrumph. Shows. I should stay in sometimes.

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