Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Books to Be Took
I don't know if they're intended to be given away or taken, but The Atlantic Monthly has put 25 mail bins of books, galleys, and uncorrected proofs in the back alley lobby of the office building I work in. A cursory glance uncovered several impressive media- and business-related books, including the following, which I snagged:

  • "Evangelism's First Modern Media Star: The Life of Reverend Bill Stidger," by Jack Hyland
  • "Bamboozled at the Revolution: How Big Media Lost Billions in the Battle for the Internet," by John Motavalli
  • "Muckraking: The Journalism That Changed America," edited by Judith and William Serrin
  • "WithoutCovers:// literary_magazines@the_digital_edge," edited by Lesha Hurliman and Numsiri C. Kunakemakorn
  • "People's Witness: The Journalist in Modern Politics," by Fred Inglis

    After emailing the team about this wealth of words from the fifth floor, I received the following email:

    I can shed some light on this. The Atlantic is donating these books to an adult literacy foundation. They sell used books to raise funds for adult literacy programs.

    So I feel a little guilty about taking the books I took, but I know I'll benefit from them, too. As you will, given that I'll probably review them!
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