Monday, June 03, 2002

From the In Box: Books Worth a Look V
Thanks for the review. Glad you found it interesting.

I do disagree that it's based on est training, in that est (and the new version, Landmark) contends that you can transcend your beliefs but not permanently eliminate them.

The DM processes (which weren't developed until after I wrote Re-create Your Life) completely eliminate long-held beliefs and conditioned feelings in a matter of minutes, which virtually everyone believes is impossible.

I just completed a weekend workshop in which I was training people how to use our processes, and three of the participants were psychotherapists. At one point one of them said, "This is magic. I've 'known' for years that what we've been doing here all weekend is impossible. But it's not. This is true 'short-term therapy.'"
-- Morty Lefkoe

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