Friday, November 08, 2002

Television-Impaired VI
Vincent from Choo Choo la Rouge has the following good news to share:

In a somewhat financially rewarding turn of events, a song from our first four-song demo (you know you're you're a fan if you're one of the eight people who bought it), "Say it Twice," has been selected for use in this Wednesday's episode of Dawson's Creek. There'll be a scene where the kids are in a record store buying a No Doubt album, and our song is supposed to play in the background. You never know what will get cut at the last minute, but the contracts are signed, and the check's in the mail. You can check out the song on our site. Don't get too excited for us, though. Katie Holmes still won't return our phone calls.

Congratulations, Choo Choo!

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