Friday, November 15, 2002

Music to My Eyes IV
I'm still a little miffed with Other Music for closing their Cambridge store and running back home to New York City, so I was less than pleased when they mismailed their mailing list recently. People started replying to the list instead of complaining directly to Other Music, saying the usual stuff like, "Why are you people emailing me?" "Other Music, your mailing list is broken," and "Will you people please stop emailing the list?

Then a fellow sent an email to the group that brought a bit more sunshine to my day. It read:

It could be worse. People might even try promoting things like this.

Every so often, I send out an email to the team at work titled Web Site of the Friday (or whatever day of the week it is, natch), so I sent this out just now. It triggered the usual, "How do you find this stuff?" responses.

Sometimes, you don't find it; it finds you. Happy Friday.

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