Friday, November 29, 2002

Music to My Ears and Eyes
I'm the only one in the office today, and I'm not at all sorry. My Thanksgiving was a holiday full of friends and family, I've gotten a lot of personal Web work done in the cloistered quiet of the cubicles, and I've come across several awesome examples of independent music and animation online thanks to links shared by people whose zines and comics I've reviewed recently. These are all worth checking out:

  • Flobots: Boston area-based hip hop that's currently pumping my PowerBook
  • One if by land: An indie-rock band once from Santa Fe, New Mexico, that features three drummers, three bassists, four guitarists, and four singers. Wish I'd known about them when I was in Santa Fe this May!
  • Graffiti: A Gumby-laden animation from the Paper Radio comics collective

    All thanks to Liz Prince, of whose taste I am now much more confident.
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