Friday, November 29, 2002

Magazine Me XXII
I know that it's Buy Nothing Day, but I subscribe to the notion that Buy Nothing Day is more oriented toward boycotting commercialized conspicuous consumption on the biggest shopping day of the year. I don't go to malls. I usually don't buy commercial, mainstream products. But I see no reason not to support independent, alternative activities on this day of days. I could wait until tomorrow, but why not show my support now? How I spend my money is a political statement, and I needed to make this statement today.

So I just signed up for a four-issue subscription to Kitchen Sink magazine, a new quarterly print and online publication produced by an arts collective in Oakland. The first issue, which is available now, includes articles about Erase Errata and New England's own James Kochalka. I find the Web site a little difficult to navigate and digest, but I look forward to seeing what the print product looks like.

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