Thursday, November 07, 2002

Technofetishism XVII
I just downloaded and started using iTunes 3. And it's amazing. It's got all of the features from previous versions, with some notable additions that I'm really enjoying. While the new My Rating feature is useless in my opinion -- if you don't like a song, why do you have it on your computer? -- I'm extremely excited about the instant playlists iTunes now features, such as Recently Played and Top 25 Most Played. I've got the shuffle mode on in my Library, and in the last hour, I've listened to 22 songs ranging from Ray Lynch to Raycharles, Operation Ivy to the Doves. You can even burn mix CD's straight from your Recently Played playlist. Just another notch in Apple's belt -- and a welcome accompaniment to the new version of the iPod software, which adds a clock and some more flexible navigation options.

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