Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Digesting the Daily II
Having spent some time last weekend on the big blue couch catching up on two months' worth of the Daily Northwestern, I've decided to keep up with them as they're mailed. And I found several media-, technology-, and activism-related items that might be of interest to Media Dieticians.

NU not using its wireless network
NUIT officials blame lack of equipment for unpopularity; students say it's poor publicity
(Oct. 31, 2002)

Life in a dead city
This group of NU students knows that while everyday life can be a drag, Saturday night is all right for biting
(Oct. 31, 2002)

Living history
Local author, magazine founder Robinson aims to enliven undocumented stories from Evanston's black community
(Nov. 1, 2002)

Students at Ariz. St., Indiana busted for shooting porn films
Expulsion, suspensions follow filming; NU officials would deny any requests
(Nov. 1, 2002)

Student CEOs must balance work, school
Budding college-aged entrepreneurs get taste of the business world ahead
(Nov. 4, 2002)

Wireless networking isn't used at NU because it's inconvenient
Letter writer Benjamin Shapiro compares NU's network to that of UCSD
(Nov. 5, 2002)

NU lags behind, but Kellogg uses wireless to its potential
Letter writer Derek Yung says the "b" in B-school stands for "better"
(Nov. 5, 2002)

CNN may try to win youth with slang talk
Some Medill profs, students say news would lose its respect, professionalism
(Nov. 6, 2002)

High-tech ventures offered at DevLab
New director brings center big hopes for NU's business-minded community
(Nov. 6, 2002)

Bylines of the batch: Sarah Warning and Andy Nelson. I went to grade school with an Andy Nelson.

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