Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Employee of the Week
Every so often, the executives of Fifth Man Media, Media Diet's parent company, like to recognize an employee, or as in this case, employees who have made quality contributions to Fifth Man's corporate culture, business performance, or other aspects of our work. Media Diet would like to recognize the following Fifth Man Media employees for their service above and beyond the call of duty:

Pumping up the volume in the cafeteria

Sally Pickles, Paul Revere (no, not that Paul Revere; he's dead), and Leonard Polzin recently donated a new stereo sound system for employees to use in the Fifth Man Media cafeteria. While walking to lunch last week, Sally, Paul, and Leonard came across a van with its back doors wide open. The van was full, floor to ceiling, with stereo and other assorted electronics equipment. Between the three of them, Sally, Paul, and Leonard liberated -- and then donated -- a substantial sound system that will help Fifth Man employees "kick out the jams" during lunch and corporate gatherings. Thanks, guys! You know the true meaning of "Robbin' the 'hood."

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