Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Mention Me! XIX
A couple of new links to Media Diet from the referral logs might be worth mentioning.

Da Sophomore, a local hip-hop artist (don't you dare call him a rapper!), was scheduled to perform at Mama Gaia's before it closed down. He was also slated to play at the Phoenix, which also used to have a home on Central Square, just before it closed down. Lesson: If you run a cafe, don't book Da Sophomore. He's the kiss of doom. I just downloaded some MP3's, so we'll soon see if the kiss is sweet, at least.

Meanwhile Circa1977, a site that's part of the Bostonites blog ring, has sent some people my way. He doesn't mention me or Media Diet anywhere, although he does refer to Fast Company, so perhaps he found his way here via the ring. Recent entries address a business trip, buying a house, and car troubles.

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