Thursday, November 21, 2002

The Movie I Watched Last Night XLII
The Wedding Singer
After stopping by the comic shop, where MIT's Henry Jenkins dropped $100 on comic books for the comics class that runs into December, and by a bookstore, where I picked up Sheila Heti's The Middle Stories, I grabbed a quick dinner at Charlie's with Hiromi. Then it was back to the big blue couch for movie night!

The Wedding Singer isn't indescribably bad, but it's also not awe-inspiringly good. Adam Sandler uses the movie as an opportunity to ham it up lounge stylee, portraying a washed-up heavy metal musician who's now making bank singing wedding schlock. After his fiancee ditches him on the day of their wedding, he starts spending time with a cocktail waitress who also works at the reception hall -- played by one Drew Barrymore who is cute as a button, a real chicken pot pie, in this movie. She, too, is engaged, but to the wrong fellow. Over the course of the movie, Sandler and Barrymore's characters become better acquainted, and the inevitable happens.

What's the inevitable? A sickly looking Billy Idol saves the day on a plane to Vegas. Yes, that's right. Billy Idol. The scene on the plane, admittedly, almost brought a tear to my eyes, it was so cheesy yet poignant and touching. Overall, an enjoyable, throwaway movie that also features cameos by SNL alumni Kevin Nealon and Jon Lovitz, as well as a lusciously lush Steve Buscemi. Curious why the latter two were uncredited roles?

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