Thursday, November 21, 2002

Event-O-Dex XIV
Another last-minute event notice. David Callahan, director of research for Demos, will be at the Harvard Business School this evening for a discussion and reception to celebrate the publication of his book about HBS' class of 1949, Kindred Spirits.

The panel discussion, "Values and CEOs: Lessons from the Harvard Business School Class of 1949," will feature HBS professor Lynn Sharp Paine, whose work focuses on values and leadership; Roger Sonnabend, a lifelong Bostonian and member of the class who is chairman and CEO of Sonesta International Hotels Corp.; George Berman, another member of the class who ran the Boston-based Unitrode Corp. for many years; and Calahan.

Quoth Callahan:

The HBS Class of 1949 was one of the most successful business school classes of all time -- a third became CEOs and graduates led such major companies as Xerox, Johnson and Johnson, and ABC. The experience of the class sheds light on changes in the value systems that guide CEOs, as well as a variety of business trends of the postwar era.

If you're interested and in the Boston area, the event is tonight at 6 p.m. in HBS' Hawes Hall, room 203.

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