Monday, April 01, 2002

The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night
After I got back from Maine last night -- and after Alex got back from southern Massachusetts -- we went to grab a bite at Diva, an Indian bistro on Davis Square in Somerville. It wasn't all that. While the interior is extremely well designed -- one of the cooks (wearing some bling-bling last night) even prepares food in a glass-enclased space reminiscent of a DJ booth -- the food is extremely expensive for what you get. Add to that extremely slow and inattentive service, and it's not worth your money... as good as the atmosphere may be.

Alex and I sampled a complimentary appetizer courtesy of the restaurant, chicken pakoras (basically glorified chicken fingers), garlic naan (which arrived after our entree was served), and aloo palak, which while well-spiced, wasn't good enough to take home as leftovers. Oh, we had mango lassis, too. Diva may be the only Indian food on Davis Square, but Ocean Reef also used to be the only seafood restaurant in the entire city. Now Ocean Reef is closed. Diva needs to do more if it's going to earn repeat business.

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