Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Temp Rave
I learned about This Is Not My Desk via the Utne Web Watch, but it seems that proprietor Christopher Livingston also has a Cardhouse hook up. Small world, indeed! This next bit is for Chris' eyes only:

"Hi!  I am on Cardhouse!"  their wave tells me.

"Hello!  I am also on Cardhouse!"  I wave back.

"I see that you are on Cardhouse, and I am communicating that fact with my hand and arm!" they reply.

OK; the rest of you can start reading again.

Chris' blog is a solid personal and work-oriented resource, particularly people involved or interested in temporary employment. Chris takes a silly look at how often he thinks about sex, mourns not being able to commute to work by ferry any more, offers some Web sites people can check out for a diversion while at work, and makes fun of the cliched interview article format. He also provides guides to some of the more prevalent workplace denizens -- the receptionist, the office assistant -- reviews of work-related Web sites, movies, and books; and hosts a discussion board.

One diversion he offers, and then I'm out of here. The Carlos Work Nickname Generator calculates what co-workers call you behind your back. Typing in my first and last name, I learn that I am called "the boy." Actually, people call me Dr. Row -- ask me not why -- but I like the sound of Carlos' nickname. The boy. The boy. Yup!

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