Monday, April 29, 2002

The Zeitgeist Shifts
One of the Boston area's best and brightest hot spots for improvised music, free jazz, and other performance and exhibitions was destroyed by a fire Friday. From an email transmitted to the Boss Improv mailing list:

The Zeitgeist Gallery was destroyed in a fire Friday afternoon. The most important thing is that no one was hurt. Apparently no one who lived in the building has had to move. Those of us who were going to the show for Friday night (such as Brendan Murray solo) were on hand to witness what is left, though we arrived after the fire was put out. I don't need to tell you it was a very upsetting sight.

I just wanted to notify a large number of people who would be intimately familiar with the Zeitgeist and everything it has represented for improvised and experimental music in Boston. Those who have booked gigs there will be attempting to figure out in the coming days how to relocate their shows; we can all show our support by being patient and thinking of places to play.

My first public improvised music gig ever was at the Zeitgiest, Good Friday, 1997, with Masashi Harada and Bhob Rainey, with Maria Klein doing projections. As the Good Friday marchers moved slowly past the windows, the squad car lights blinked outside, and the sounds and lights inside flickered and moaned, I thought to myself that I had found something I wanted to do forever. That's what I was looking at today between the busted-out windows and the water on the floor.
-- Mike Bullock

This weekend's shows were relocated to Twisted Village and Mama Gaia's. Additional upcoming shows will also be rescheduled to take place in alternate venues. For updates on Zeitgeist goings on, be sure to check out the gallery's Web site.

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