Monday, April 29, 2002

From the In Box: From the Reading Pile IX
Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the continued attention and positive comments.

As far as the danger of Superflux becoming a sterotypical punk zine, well, I hope that's not going to happen, but it may have more overtones of one in the future than the first issue had. I'm starting to wish I hadn't used up so much of my angry pieces in the first issue, because at this point I feel less angry in general and also less inspired to
be angry on cue. On the other hand, there are still things in life (B.U., say) that get me riled up and I already have a bunch of notes for a few screed-type columns. So, we'll see.

Interview-wise, as with everything else, I'm just fighting my own inertia. I have a few in the can and ready to go -- it just takes getting comfortably drunk and spending an evening or two transcribing them. I found it interesting that this time around, Aaron Cometbus noted that his previous interview issue hadn't gone over so well, and I can see why it mightn't have. But the way I see it, his zine has a real personality/character/feel to it by now (sorry for the lack of articulation but it's Monday a.m. and I'm temping at some random office), and people miss that when it's gone. Early issues (from what I'm told) of Cometbus featured other contributors and were fairly haphazard.

That's where I see myself and Superflux right now. I mean, I'll never have the cult of personality that AC does, but I figure at least at this point I can play around a little with format and content, as long as it's all helping me do what I want Superflux to do. I was
this close to an interview with Richard Branson, for crying out loud -- can you imagine? What an awesome thing that would have been.

So, I take your point in general, but in particular, at the moment, I think you're doomed to read the odd interview in upcoming issues (assuming you stick around, which I hope you will). Record reviews: Nah. I decided initially that if I loved or hated a record or group enough, I'd just write a column about it/them, just like any other topic. But I'm not going to have an actual reviews section anytime soon. I agree with you; having a record reviews section is pretty close to just running ads, and I'm not about to do that any time soon either.

Blah blah blah. Thanks for continuing to follow this modest effort, man. Thanks again for reading my zine and my response to your response to my zine. It's all very complicated.
-- Timmy Nickels

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