Friday, April 05, 2002

Technofetishism III
I received an email today promoting Applied Wireless's ring tone and cell phone logo service. Going to their site to poke around and perhaps buy a new ring tone -- something friends of mine do frequently in Scandinavia but I'm not that aware of in the U.S. -- I wasn't that impressed, so I poked around for other ring tone providers.

That led me to MIDI Ring Tones. Thanks to them, when my phone rings, I now hear Green Day's "Basket Case." Woot! Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, MIDI Ring Tones has only been around since January 2002, but they have a wide range of available ring tones in various musical genres. They're currently working on polyphonic ring tones, which will include drum and bass sounds -- and eventually sound more like real music. And, "in addition to paying all licensing fees required by music industry organizations, MIDI Ring Tones also pays the ring tone artists, the artists who transfer popular songs into MIDI files which can then be downloaded into cell phones."

Pretty cool stuff. Download a new ring tone to your cell phone today! "Basket Case" only cost me $1.50.

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