Wednesday, April 10, 2002

The Days of Whiners and Posers
Here's a fine how do you do: Salon reports that employees of the Vault, a Web service established to encourage employees of other companies to vent about their employers, colleagues, and workplaces also use the Vault itself to air dirty laundry and voice opinions about the state of the organization and its team. While the Vault was built on anonymity and free speech, I'm surprised by how puerile some of the Vault employees' comments are. Constructive criticism it isn't. Say, is that the hand that feeds me? Bite!

The Salon piece goes on to detail the Vault's emergent practice of editing and deleting potentially libelous or tangentially chatty posts. Vaulties responded by establishing an alternative discussion space for team members. While the Vault wasn't as visible as Fucked Company, it's definitely a more solid business -- complete with a staff, a board of directors, hefty overhead, and the trappings of a standard startup. Maybe that was its mistake: dishing dirt about business might not make the most stable business plan.

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