Thursday, April 25, 2002

See You in the Funny Pages VIII
Artbabe creator Jessica Abel just published an almost-exclusive comics piece on the Web. Originally published in the New Year's edition of LA Weekly, Xochimilco inserts itself into the story already underway in book one of Jessica's comic La Perdida. After La Perdida was published, Jessica realized that she wanted to develop the characters more -- and that she wanted to address Semana Santa (Easter Week), the second-most important holiday in Mexico. So she wrote and drew this piece.

Eventually, "Xochimilco" will be placed where it belongs, between the first and second tiers of page 32 of La Perdida Book One, but for now, you can read it online -- years before La Perdida will be collected in a book format. Pretty neat. Jessica also offers photographs of the real Xochimilco in the Mexico Diaries section of the Artbabe Army area. You'll need to join the Army to access the photos, but doing so is fast, free, and above all, fun.

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