Friday, April 26, 2002

Happy Birthday to Media Dieticians III
In combing through some of the blogs in the Bostonites Web ring, I came across Brian Kane Online. Brian's wife's birthday is today, and while he doesn't say how old she is, he does say that she's now three times older than she was in 1976. I haven't done any algebra for awhile, so, inspired by the Algebra Project, here we go.

x = 1976
y = 2002
y = 3x

y - x = 26
y = x + 26

x + 26 = 3x
26 = 2x
13 = x

y = 39

I emailed Brian to see if this was correct -- and to wish his wife a happy birthday -- and this is what he said in response: "Bing bing bing... Tell him what's he's won, Johnny!"

Happy birthday! And if you haven't done any algebra for awhile, do some. It's fun!

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