Monday, April 29, 2002

From the In Box: Rock Shows of Note XI
Forgot to mention -- we (the High-Steppin' Nickel Kids) were playing at Beckett's (Packard's Corner bar) the night of the high flames -- were loading our gear out into the snow when all the lights on the block flickered, dimmed, then came back on; then we heard thunder and the whole sky turned orange. A column of flame shot into the air -- must've been at least 5-7 stories high because we could see it over the buildings. I was honestly expecting to get wiped out by a nuclear shockwave, but we weren't. Joe, our stoic Hoosier drummer who works at a chemical plant for a living (he's a chemical engineer) was just like, "Oh, a sub-station blew up. Happens all the time," and went back inside to hear some band from Florida.

Later, we went back to where Morgan (guitar and vocals) and Joe live with a bunch of other people,
right behind the substation, and found a couple of other roommates getting out of a cab, having been stuck in Harvard Square (or Park Street?) because some woman threw herself under a train. All in all, a creepy night. -- Timmy Nickels

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