Monday, April 08, 2002

From the In Box: Clip-Art Comics
The Get Your ____ On stuff is a parody/homage to Rees. I even put in a disclaimer at the bottom of each page to make extra-sure nobody thought it was his stuff. Just out of courtesy. -- Jim Treacher


When you mention in your blog: "A Media Dietician recently suggested that Treacher's work is a parody of Rees' work," is what I wrote what you're referring to? All I meant was that "Get Your Gore On" is a satire of "Get Your War On." Although, as Treacher himself points out, it perhaps could be more accurately called a parody, or evidence of Nyquil abuse. Whatever you want to call them, they're both great.

Actually, I'm curious what you think--how well do you think a "Get Your War On" book would age, both in terms of style and substance?
-- Tom Hopkins

I'll have to noodle on that. What do others think? Discuss.

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