Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Media Meet Space
Matt Herlihy's Sweet Fancy Moses, an online journal of wit that's been publishing frequently since October 2000, is taking baby steps offline and into the "real" world. Later this spring, Matt will issue the first print edition of Sweet Fancy Moses, a 176-page journal featuring writing by Ken Gordon, Scott Cullen, Mike Sacks, Fletcher Moore, and others. They're beating me to the punch; I've been considering publishing a print Media Diet journal when this blog turns 1 year old in June.

But that's not enough for Sweet Fancy Moses; oh, no! In a couple of weeks, Matt and his girlfriend will open the doors of a Sweet Fancy Moses art space in Morro Bay, Calif. Word is the space will serve as a hangout for area creative writers and artists, a performance space, a gallery and exhibit hall -- and that Matt will also host writing workshops and sell Sweet Fancy Moses gear.

The idea reminds me slightly of the Giant Robot store in Los Angeles. I can't think of too many magazines or Web sites that have opened physical storefronts, as well. Can you?

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