Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Pieces, Particles II
The following media-related stories recently spotted in print publications -- and now online -- might be worth a look. Heads and decks, only. Heads and decks.

Adult Education, by Amy Sohn, New York, March 18, 2002
At a class on how to make a porn video, our writer picks up hints on camera angles and choreography. But try as she might, she still can't learn how to like it.

Bad Eggers! Bad Moody! Bad Sontag!, by Dennis Loy Johnson, AlterNet, March 18, 2002
A group of writers and 'zine publishers have formed a group hell-bent on harassing successful literary figures

But Who's Answering the Phone?, Economist, March 16, 2002
Technology gets into bed with the oldest profession

Copywrongs, by Wendy Kaminer, American Prospect, May 6, 2002

Film Business, by Todd Gitlin, American Prospect, March 25, 2002
French director Laurent Cantet revives the European art flick -- by filming men at work.

Forget the Books, by Cynthia Cotts, Village Voice, April 10, 2002
Secrets of Book Reviewing Revealed

Go Slow on Cross-Ownership, by Thomas Kunkel, American Journalism Review, March 2002
It would be bad news for news consumers.

Mechanical Prose, Economist, March 16, 2002
Journalists may become redundant. But not just yet

Novel Writing: America's Latest Extreme Sport, by Roger Gathman, Austin Chronicle, Nov. 30, 2001

The Essay Made Simple, by Dan Zevin, Rolling Stone, March 14, 2002
Geoff Cook reveals his secrets for a killer application

The World According to Lux, Economist, Dec. 22, 2001
How radio drama cheered up, and changed, America

Whatever Happened to the Sea Shanty?, by Robert Lloyd Webb, Maine Boats & Harbors, April/May 2002
The sea shanty is a sailor's work song. Without work, its value is difficult to appreciate.

When Boom Went Bust at the "Country Club", by Todd Woody, Columbia Journalism Review, January/February 2002

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