Friday, April 26, 2002

From the In Box: Rock Shows of Note X
Hey, it was great seeing everyone who could make it for the first Boston Blogs Bash on Monday night at 608. If you took photos (or let Sooz borrow your camera to take photos), please let us know where they are on the Web so we can link to them from Boston Blogs or zip up the images and we'll post them.

This gathering might be a mostly-monthly sort of thing. If you have ideas about places we should hang out and things we could do, let us know.

The people who were there:

  • Brad Searles
  • Elias Sardonis
  • Geoff Meltzner
  • Glenn Kinen
  • Heath Row
  • Isaac Taylor
  • Jeff Thacker
  • Lee Stewart
  • Mary Stopas
  • Matt Saunders
  • Matthew Yglesias
  • Mike Choi
  • Rebecca St. Amand
  • Shannon Okey
  • Sooz
  • Susan Curran
  • Susan Miller
  • Tony Yang

    -- Shannon and Sooz
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