Thursday, April 25, 2002

Anchormen, Aweigh! VI
My band met for the first time in more than a month to practice last night. We were a little loose, a little rusty, and a little sloppy, but it was good to get together -- because we have a show tonight! That's right, the Anchormen are playing at O'Brien's in Allston this evening as part of an Allston-Brighton Free Radio benefit. You are all invited. Here's the little announcement email that Chris transmitted earlier today:

We, The Anchormen, are heralded across the realm for our "funny" show announcements. Not this time. Our hearts are broken. Heath won't come out from under his bed. Tom goes to work, being the little trooper he is (someone has to provide the payments on the Murphy bed we share in our two room walk up), but he walks the halls of the plant like a zombie in that hairnet they make him wear, his verve and zest for work ripped from his skinny bosom. As for me, I can barely see the screen through my tears as I type this. And Jef? It ain't pretty. He's shaved his head except for ONE LONG TUFT that comes out of the side of his head. What's up with that? It's really messed up! I went down to ask him about it, but he was beating the drums over and over while shouting "no! no! no!" so I decided to let him have some alone time.

See, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains died, well, we don't know exactly when. But sometime in the past few weeks: no one's really sure. Therefore, out of respect for the great man we all knew as "The Rooster" or simply "Layne," this announcement is entirely without humor. If it happens to be ha-ha funny, it's only funny 'cus it's true.

Come see us Thursday, April 25 at O'Brien's (3 Harvard St., Allston, MA). It's another benefit for Allston-Brighton Free Radio, which is the only reason we could tear ourselves from our vigil. The Oxycontinentals will be back, which is pretty good. That jazz/fusion band won't, which is even better. Also playing are Johnny Pape and Tracey Husky. We'll be on second or third.

Do it for Allston-Brighton Free Radio. Because "The Man in a Box" would have wanted it that way.

The Anchormen

Come out to O'Brien's. The Anchormen are a trainwreck waiting to happen.

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