Wednesday, April 24, 2002

From the In Box: Rock Shows of Note X
Somehow I was out of the loop when the list of bloggers and their sites were sent out. I'd have liked to have chatted with you about the Handstand Command. Totally love the Operators and look forward to the Abbey Lounge residency!

Here's my take on the Bazaar Bizarre last year.

Maybe we can chat next time.
-- Lee Stewart

Thanks for saying hi, Lee! We're excited about the Abbey residency, too. You might also be interested in the Anchormen's show tomorrow night at O'Brien's in Allston.

One of the things that frustrated me about the Boston Bloggers Gathering was my inability to meet everyone who was there -- and my tendency to gravitate to the people I already knew: Alex, Brad, Matt, and Mary. I'll make more effort to mingle next time.

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